Computerized Frame Repair

Computerized Frame Repair in The Las Vegas Valley

The frame of your vehicle is not just about giving your car its sleek shape. In fact, the frame’s integrity is pivotal to keeping you and your loved ones safe in case of an accident.

Think of the frame as the skeleton of your car, truck, or SUV. This skeletal structure keeps your vehicle from collapsing under its own weight. Additionally, vehicle manufacturers create these frames with strategic “crumple points” designed to protect all occupants in a collision. These points ensure the vehicle “crumples” around you, and not on you.

If an accident does occur, and your frame is bent, weakened, or otherwise damaged, passenger safety has been jeopardized. Without proper auto frame straightening and repair, even if the frame looks okay, the integrity of the metal may still be compromised so that the vehicle is unable to protect you the next time something happens.

Computerized Frame Repair

Tucker’s Collision Center is a family owned and operated repair shop. We know the importance of keeping loved ones safe on the road. So when you trust us with your vehicle’s repairs, you can trust that everything will be restored back to proper safety rating.

We have serviced the Las Vegas Valley for over 20 years, and our technicians use only the best equipment to provide the highest quality care for our customers.

When it comes to repairing your vehicle’s damaged frame, we employ top of the line technology, guaranteeing fit and finish will be precise. Our computerized laser measuring system and repair machines allow us to measure the vehicle’s frame down to the millimeter and make any corrections needed.

How Computerized Frame Repairs Work

  • Computerized electronic measuring devices are attached to marker points around your vehicle’s frame.
  • The computer reads the measurements and compares them to original factory specifications.
  • Your damaged vehicle is driven onto the platform of the Auto Body Frame Machine and bolted to rigid clamps which keep it in place.
  • Chains linked to a tower are attached to specific points on your vehicle’s frame, based on where the diagnostics indicate straightening is required.
  • The tower’s hydraulic equipment gradually increases the tension on the chains to pull that section of the frame back into proper shape.
  • Our electronic measurement system verifies that the adjustments are made correctly, so the frame is restored to exact specifications and the vehicle drives correctly.


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