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Car Restoration in The Las Vegas Valley

No matter your dream for your vehicle, we’ll help you realize it, and we’ll get the job done right.

We put every project through quality inspections throughout the restoration process.

When you come to pick up your newly restored automobile, rest assured you’ll drive off safely and in style.

Trust Tucker’s Collision Center with all your auto restoration needs!

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Tucker’s Collision Center is a family owned and operated repair shop that has serviced the Las Vegas Valley for more than two decades.

That being said, we have been restoring classic cars for fifty years. Our founder, Rick Tucker, began by restoring Corvettes, and then established his Vegas-based classic car restoration business in 1978.

Our business has expanded, but we’ve never strayed from our roots.

If you’re looking to restore your own vehicle, Tucker’s is still the number one place to go in the Las Vegas Valley.

We still operate under the core values Rick Tucker developed so many years ago – keen attention to detail and exceptionally safe repair work.

You’ll find these ideals evident in every restoration we do.

We are, in fact, an award-winning restoration company. And we guarantee your vehicle will roll out of our shop looking just the way you want.

Of course, restoration means more than just making a vehicle’s exterior look nice. A full factory restoration involves replacing nearly every part on the car with a newer, better working one.

Here at Tucker’s, we are committed to providing the highest quality, most detail-driven, safest automobile restorations in the industry.

We will help you return your restoration project to its original glory, bringing out its charm and power.

For those of you who wish to have your car looking like it did years ago, without all the aged technology and environmental consequences, we are more than happy to find compromises. Your car can run like it’s brand new, and look like it’s fresh off the assembly line.