Glass Replacement

We understand that even a small chip in the windshield can lead to large cracks and decrease the structural integrity of a windshield. That’s why we offer on-site glass replacement for all your auto-glass repair needs.

Auto Glass

Modern vehicles come with several pieces of auto glass. Auto glass begins with the front and rear windshields and includes the front and rear windows on the driver’s and passenger’s sides. There’s even auto glass making up your rearview and side mirrors. In short, there are many pieces of auto glass installed in your vehicle with very specific jobs related to safety.

Finding a Good Auto Glass Replacement Service

Finding a quality auto glass replacement service can be a timely and expensive process. Because of that, Tucker’s Collision Center in Las Vegas wants to make your experience with us as price-conscious and stress-free as possible. We work with all major insurance companies and routinely request a deductible waiver so that there’s no auto glass replacement cost for our customers.

Auto Glass & Your Windshield

When drivers think auto glass, they usually think of the windshield first. Every car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV on the road today has a windshield with a similar design. A windshield is two sheets of parallel glass held together by a layer of polyvinyl butyrate. When the windshield on your vehicle is damaged, the polyvinyl butyrate holds the two sheets of glass in place. The layer of polyvinyl butyrate is why the windshield does not immediately shatter the way other glass objects do. Even though your windshield was designed with safety in mind, the smallest crack is a threat to your safety.  

Damaged Auto Glass is Dangerous

Don’t fool yourself: any minor auto glass blemish presents a safety risk. Damaged auto glass can impair a driver’s visibility, cause an airbag to deploy incorrectly, or lead to greater injury during a collision. Auto glass is a major component of the vehicle’s structure because it helps keep passengers safe during a collision. Any degree of cracked auto glass is a safety concern. That is why our GM certified technicians are trained to determine the best replacement strategy for your auto glass.

Schedule Service

If you have damaged auto glass, don’t risk driving around with compromised safety integrity. It is probably time to schedule an appointment today at Tucker’s Collision Center in Las Vegas to have one of our GM certified technicians provide you with auto glass replacement service.

Automotive Glass Replacement