Precision Frame & Unibody Repair / straightening

Our repair facility has advanced frame and unibody straightening equipment on premises, such as computer-guided frame straightening and wheel alignment systems, to straighten vehicle frames to the exact millimeter. We provide printouts to our customers showing them the before and after frame and unibody specifications to ensure your vehicle is completely restored to factory specification. Additionally, we provide all services which may also be required after an accident which led to frame damage. This includes such services as side panel repair and vehicle reassembly services.

Repair with the Right Equipment and Cutting-Edge Protocol

Most vehicles that have been in a collision experience minor bends and other damages to the frame & unibody. This is not a job to do at home or put off until next month. For many of our customers, repair service is as easy as straightening out the minor problem. Tucker’s Collision Center has the computerized equipment and certified technicians ready to inspect and repair your frame & unibody as needed.  

Don’t Try This at Home

We strongly caution against a do-it-yourself visual inspection and repair of your frame and unibody. A visual inspection is limited because the vehicle might appear to be okay when it is not. The problem is that the naked eye cannot detect minor bends or damages that can threaten safety. It is for this reason that the best way to diagnose and repair the frame and unibody is at a GM certified collision center with expert technicians.

Frame & Unibody Repair = Safety

If you have been involved in a major accident, it is likely that your frame is bent, weak, or damaged. If this happens, safety becomes a great concern. If your frame is damaged in any way, the integrity of the metal may be compromised and will not protect you like its supposed to. A straight frame and unibody equal better passenger safety.

Frame & Unibody Repair Technology

Our first goal of any collision repair service is to restore the vehicle to its original safety standards. A major component of restoring any vehicle back to its initial safety standard after a collision is frame and unibody repairs and straightening.  Restoring safety is paramount and that’s why we use cutting-edge innovations like computerized frame repair when we service your vehicle. To make sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible, we will use computerized measurement tools to ensure original factory specifications are met.  

Schedule Service

If you have been involved in an accident and are uncertain its effect on the frame and unibody, it is critical to schedule an appointment at Tucker’s Collision Center in Las Vegas to have a frame & unibody inspection and repair/straightening as needed. Rest assured that the best person to provide you with frame and unibody repair straightening is a certified technician.

Las Vegas Valley Precision Frame Straightening and Repair