Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Suspension and Wheel Alignment in The Las Vegas Valley

Suspension and Wheel Alignment Service

Having your suspension tended to quickly can help prevent further damage from occurring, such as damage to your wheel alignment.

Signs Your Wheels May be Misaligned

  • Uneven Wear on Your Tire Treads
  • Your Vehicle Veers to One Side
  • Steering Wheel Vibration
  • Crooked Steering Wheel

For wheel alignment and suspension services, Tucker’s Collision Center is the place to go in the Las Vegas Valley.

Our experienced technicians will use the latest technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle. We will only ever use the best parts and products to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications at a fair price.

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Your suspension system supports the weight of your vehicle, absorbs shocks and bumps from the road, and allows the front wheels to pivot. This enables steering and controls the geometry of the tire and road relationship for best traction and handling under ever-changing road conditions

If this system isn’t performing, you’re in for a bumpy ride…literally.

More than that, though, your safety could be at risk.

Every component of your suspension system, from bushings and ball joints to control arms and shocks, plays some role in the primary alignment angles of your wheels.

Misaligned wheels can make your vehicle more difficult to drive, and can actually cause your car, truck, van, or SUV to drift into another lane.

To ensure a comfortable, safe journey every time you drive, it’s pivotal your suspension and your wheel alignment is in proper working order.

When you have problems with one system, you may want to have the other inspected as well.

You may have your wheel alignment adjusted, but if your suspension is still out of whack the problems may return.

Signs Your Suspension May be Damaged

  • noise when driving over bumps
  • trouble turning
  • uneven tire wear
  • wandering wheels


At the first sign of these problems, you should bring your vehicle to Tucker’s Collision Center for service.

We will repair or replace all damaged parts of your suspension system, including:

  • ball joints
  • bushings
  • sway bar links
  • center links
  • idler arms/pitman arms
  • rack and pinion units
  • tie rod ends/sleeves
  • CV joints/boots
  • CV axle half shafts
  • shock absorbers
  • struts/cartridges
  • coil springs
  • universal joints and springs